Application Requirements

Application Requirements for International Students Applying To Study In 2016-2017 Academic Year

General Requirements

  1. Copy of high school diploma approved by the Turkish Embassy. (Equivalency can be obtained from the Turkish Ministry of Education or Turkish Embassy in the home country).
  2. Not to be a citizen of the Turkish Republic or Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus or for those who hold dual citizenship not any one of them should be from the above.
  3.  A certified copy of the following minimum test results. 


Applications should be made in person, online ( or via e-mail ([email protected]) to the Department of Student Affairs between 02.05.2016 – 02.09.2016 together with the documents listed below.  The University is not responsible for any delays in applications made via mail.

Application Address :

Maltepe University International Relations Office 
Marmara Eğitim Köyü TR-34857  Maltepe / İSTANBUL – TÜRKİYE

Necessary Documents for Enrolment:

The list of students accepted to the university will be announced on the University’s web page Also applicants who have been accepted will be sent a letter of acceptance upon request.  Applicants can obtain a visa from the Turkish embassy in their country or closest local embassy by taking a copy of the letter of acceptance from the university.

For students accepted to the university, registration and enrolments must be made in person to the Department of Student Affairs between 02. May – 05 September 2016.  For complete registration applicants must apply in person to the registration centre, registrations via post will not be accepted.  Students who do not complete the enrolment procedure will lose their right to study at the university.  Open places in courses due to applicants who do not fulfill the registraiton requirements will be offered to wait listed applicants in order of application on 02 September 2016.

Students applying for departments which require special aptitude tests must be successful in the Special Aptitude Test administered by the University in addition to the above mentioned conditions.

If available, an original document  proving that the student has graduated from an English medium high school located in a country where the native language is English or an original copy of a valid and acceptable English language Proficiency score document (obtained within the last three years). The required scores in order to be exempt from the Prep Program are as follows:

Students who do not have a copy of one of the above documents at time of enrollment are required to take the English Language Proficiency and Placement Tests administered by the Maltepe University School of Foreign Languages. Students studying in the English medium programs are required to get a minimum score of 70 and students studying in the Turkish medium programs are required to get minimum of 50 in order to be exempt from the Prepatory Program.  Students who get below these scores will be placed in an appropriate level in the English Language Program where they will study for one year before entering their undergraduate study program.  Students of the Turkish medium programs who are unable to complete successfully the language program are eligible to continue with their undergraduate programs provided that they test out in order to graduate.  Students of the English language programs who are unable to successfully complete the language program for two consecutive years will be dismissed. 

Students who will study in the Turkish medium will be required to take a Turkish Proficiency exam administered by the University Turkish Language Department. According to this;

  • A Level: Sufficient Turkish. Student can commence study.
  • B Level: Turkish can be improved in a short time.  Student can commence study however must take Turkish courses.
  • C Level: Insufficient Turkish. Student will be permitted for one year by the faculty in order to improve his/her Turkish language skills. The student is then required to take the Turkish Proficiency Exam administered by the Department of Turkish Language.  Students who are successful in this exam will be granted admission to undergraduate study.                                                                       

Documents Required for Final Registration:

  1. Copy of exam result or equivalency obtainable from the Turkish Embassy.
  2. Original Copy of equivalency letter, for students who have studied high school abroad, obtainable from the Turkish Embassy or the Ministry of Education of Turkey or Consulate.
  3. Original and notarized Turkish translation of high school diploma.
  4. Photocopy of passport with a processed visa (for students abroad study visas can be obtained from the Turkish Foreign Representatives and applicants in Turkey can obtain visas from the General Directorate of Security).
  5. Notarized copy of residence permit issued by the Bureau of Foreign Residence at the General Directorate of Security.
  6. 12 passport size photographs (4,5 x 6 cm)