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(Erasmus+ in Higher Education)

Erasmus+ Erasmus Programme is the EU's education and training programme, enabling university students to study and do internship abroad while receiving financial support in the form of an Erasmus grant, as well as supporting co-operation actions between higher education institutions across Europe. It caters not only for students, but also for universities' academic staff who want to teach abroad and for universities' administrative staff who want to be trained abroad.


Studies show that a period spent abroad not only enriches students' lives in the academic field but also in the acquisition of intercultural skills and self-reliance. Staff exchanges have similar beneficial effects, both for the people participating and for the home and host institutions.

In addition to mobility actions, the Programme supports higher education institutions to work together through intensive programmes, networks and multilateral projects.

Erasmus Programme includes the following activities:

          1.) Mobility Activities

1.1.) Student Mobility

1.1.1.) For Studies

1.1.2.) For Placement

1.2.) Staff Mobility

1.2.1.) Teaching Mobility

1.2.2.) Training Mobility

1.3.) Organization of Mobility


2.) Intensive Language Courses


3.) Intensive Programs


4.) Preparatory Visits


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Mevlana Exchange Programme is a programme which aims the exchange of students and academic staff between the Turkish higher education institutions and higher education institutions of other countries. With the regulation published in August 23, 2011 (num: 28034), students and academic staff exchange between Turkish higher education institutions and higher education institutions of other countries has been possible. Different from other exchange programmes, Mevlana Exchange Programme includes all higher education institutions in the world regardless of their region.



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