Istanbul Life

Here is a list of must-visit places in Istanbul: 

  • Visiting Suleymaniye and Sultan Ahmet (also known as the Blue Mosque) Mosques;
  • Visiting the Ayasofya and Chora museums;
  • Visiting the Topkapi and Dolmabahçe palaces and the Rumeli fortress;
  • Taking the ferry up the Bosphorus and to the Prince Islands;
  • Watching the panorama of the city from the Galata Tower and the Pierre Loti;
  • Enjoying the cultural and artistic activities;
  • Wondering and joining the life of entertainment;
  • Visiting the Ortaköy Market;
  • Riding the phaeton in Büyükada (Prince island);
  • Eating fish at a restaurant on the Bosphorus, at Kumkapi or Flower Passage (Çicek Pasajı in Beyoglu); eating yoghurt in Kanlica and profiterol at Beyoğlu;
  • Buying a rug, jewellery, leatherwear at the Grand Bazaar, turkish delight, baklava, pastırma and candy at the Spice Bazaar;
  • Shopping at Beyoğlu and other mega sized shopping malls.