Why Maltepe University ?


Founded in the year 1991 by the Istanbul Marmara education foundation Maltepe University is the newest member of the Marmara education institutions family. The university received its first admissions in the year 1997 at the heritage building in downtown Maltepe and since 2003 has been continuing its quest for academic and social leadership in higher education at the 100 square hectometers of campus area rightfully named the Marmara Education Village. Situated at the midst of the pine forest the tranquil campus provides an ideal environment for study and research whereas being only minutes away from the upbeat and dynamic tempo of the metropolitan life of Istanbul. Other than the education village the university operates at two other venues; the Dragos campus at the Marmara shoreline where the nursing and the vocational school operates and the school of medicine in downtown Maltepe.

The international relations office is assisting all the new international students in becoming familiar with the university and Istanbul. Whenever there is a question that needs answering, or a guide in the right direction, the office coordinator or the assistants provide advice and help. The international relations office, located at the cultural center of the university, organizes an orientation week program at the beginning of each academic semester in order to present a general overview of the university to new students. That is when you learn about all the services available on campus and you can pick up some information about how to get around the city of istanbul which is very helpful for those first few days.

The primary goal of universities is to provide students with “critical thinking skills” and to present scientific thought as contemporary point of view.

A university sensitive to its environment knows how to transfer knowledge into production, making life easier.

Universities, while preserving national identity, develop projects for the present and the future of the society based on the principle of universality of science.

Thus, they try to transform and carry it to the future in line with the expectations of present time.

This can only be achieved through quality education and scientific research.

Being aware of all these, Maltepe University offers you an alternative with its:

·         experienced academic staff

·         programs updated in accordance with the developments and expectations of today’s world

·         wide-range of modern academic infrastructure (labs, knowledge-center, internet access, etc.)

·         effort to share its academic studies with the society

·         social and cultural activities

·         postgraduate studies